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Factoring Questions:


1)  Factor: 


     Step 1:  This expression is the difference of two perfect squares.  You can identify this type of problem by looking to see if there are only two terms, each is a perfect square, and the operation is subtraction. 

      Step 2:   Identify the square root of term c. (There is no term b when you are performing a factoring operation on the difference of two perfect squares.)  Square root of 100 is 10.

      Step 3:  Set up.  (         )(       )

      Step 4:  Since this is the difference of two perfect squares you will have to use an addition in one set of parenthesis, and a subtraction in the other.  (    +    )(     -    )

      Step 5:  What are the factors of the first term? (X  +    )(X   -    )

     Step 6:  Using the square roots of the c term which you found in Step 2, complete the problem.  (X+10)(X-10)


2)  Factor:  Formula


3)  Factor: Formula


4)  Factor: Formula


5)  Factor:  Formula


Calculator Lesson for checking factoring.


1) Enter your quadratic equation onto the homescreen.

2)  Click on 2nd, Math, =. (This will bring you to the test menu, and you are selecting = to determine whether you have factored correctly.)

3)  Enter the factoring you believe is correct.

4)  Click Enter.

If you have factored correctly, the screen will display 1 as the answer.  Ifyou have factored incorrectly, the screen will display 0 as an answer.  This is a great way to check your work.




Factoring Answer Key:


2.  (x + 6)(x - 6)


3.  (x + 7)(x - 7)


4.  (x + 15)(x - 15)


5.  (x + 20)(x - 20)


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