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Right Triangle Trig

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1)  In right triangle ABC, AC is perpendicular to BC.  The hypotenuse, side AB, measures 14, and side BC measures 8. 

    a)  What is the sine of angle A?

    b)  What is the measure of Angle A to the nearest tenth?

    c)  How long is side AC?


2)  In right triangle ABC, AB is perpendicular to BC.  The hypotenuse, side AB, measures 25.  Angle B is 62 degrees.  What is the measure of side BC?


3)  The angle of elevation of a ship approaching a cliff is 48 degrees.  The ship is 34 miles away from the foot of the cliff.  How high is the cliff to the nearest tenth of a foot?


4)  A jet is flying over an aircraft carrier at an altitude of 1.15 miles.  The distance from the jet to the deck of the carrier is 3.25 miles.  What is the angle of depression?

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