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Solving Linear Systems

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Solving Linear Systems Questions:


1.  Dana and Margaret are skiing along two trails that intersect.  The line of Dana's ski trail follows the line 6x + 3y = 12.  Margaret's trail follows the course of y = x + 6.  At what coordinates will the girls meet?



2.  A large company presents its sales on a graph along the line 2x - y = 14, where x represents the number of items sold, and y represents the year in which those sales took place.  Determine the number of sales that took place in year 10.



3.  What is the point of intersection of the graphs of the lines 2x - y = 3 and x + y = 3?

[A]   (3, 3)          [B]      (2, 1)        [C]       (3, 0)        [D]    (1, 2)





Solving Linear Systems Answer Key:


1.  x = -2/3, y = 16/3


2.  x = 12


3.  [B]  (2, 1)

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